How to mute Jaws with a specific application

JAWS, developed by Freedom Scientific, is the most popular screen reading software among the visually impaired computer users all over the world. Since its first release, the company has made significant changes in terms of making Microsoft Windows operating system and other applications accessible for the people with vision impairment. This post describes how to mute JAWS with a specific application.

Suppose you have one or more software or games with text-to-speech synthesizer and you do not want JAWS to disturb you, you can make JAWS mute permanently with those applications.

1. Open the speech-enabled application which does not require screen reader support.
2. Press Insert+F2 to open the list of JAWS Managers.
3. Locate Settings Center and press entre.
4. In the Search Box, type Sleep Mode. It will open a list.
5. Choose Sleep Mode and enable it by pressing space bar.
6. Go to apply button and activate it by space bar. It will put JAWS sleep permanently with a specific application.

Alternatively, in the Settings Center, arrow down to miscellaneous option and expand it. Look for Sleep Mode and enable it by spacebar and apply.

Now, if you want to undo the changes, go to All Programs Submenu>JAWS (Version) Submenu>Explore JAWS>Explore My Settings. Look for the file created for that application.JCF and delete it. Suppose you have mute JAWS with Notepad. Delete Notepad.jcf.

Note: This is for a specific application and cannot be applied as default setting.

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